Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Sunday Social

Sunday Social for 9/28/14

1. What is your favorite magazine to read?

I have a ton of magazines I love to read: Us Weekly, People, Cosmopolitan, Real Simple, Glamour, Nylon, All You, Good Housekeeping, and I love to read the tabloids (In Touch, Star, OK, Life & Style).

2. What is the best thing you've seen online lately?

The video of Derek Jeter's last at bat in his final home game set to the song My Way by Frank Sinatra.

3. Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on Instagram and Twitter?

I have a lot that I follow but some of my favorites are: Eric Decker, Jessie James Decker, Katie Holmes, Hilary Duff, Anthony Recker, Kelly Recker, & Nick Swisher.

4. Is there one article of clothing no matter what the season you can't help but love?

My comfy t-shirts and of course my lounge wear pants/shirts that always make me feel comfy when I'm at home.

5. Do you prefer e-mail or snail mail?

To get in touch quickly, e-mail but I love receiving things in the mail.


  1. The instagram question was the hardest because I follow so many interesting celebs! Ahh and comfy big t shirts are perfect for Fall/Winter weekend :)

    1. I know, same here. On Twitter, I follow a few celebs but I mostly follow baseball players from the Mets & Yankees.

      Yes, they are my favorite and definitely perfect for the fall & winter seasons.

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog and for your comment.

      I'm going to check out your blog now.