Friday, December 18, 2015

Five on Friday (12/18)

1. I'll Be Home For Christmas

I will be going to NY for Christmas and I'm excited to see my family and to spend the holidays with them. Besides a quick weekend trip at the end of October, my last trip was in the summer. I'm looking forward to loving on my nieces and nephews and spending lots of quality time with my family!!

2. Erin Condren Haul

In the past few months, I made two Erin Condren purchases. I made a little haul video on Youtube. 

3. Planner Meet Up

I attended my first planner meet up this past Saturday and I had the best time. It was really fun meeting new friends that share common interests. I was very happy that I finally got to meet Naomi and attend my first meet up! I hope to attend many more in the future.

4. Planner Pages From Last Week

^2015-2016 Erin Condren planner^
^2015 Erin Condren planner^

5. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

As this will be my last post until the New Year, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season and wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year.

Credit:  Heather Stillufsen @ RoseHillDesignStudio

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Reading: I just finished All The Difference by Leah Ferguson.

Listening: Lots of Christmas music but right now I have no music on as I have a raging headache.

Watching: Lots of Christmas movies! I'm also excited for the finale of Survivor tonight. I really wanted Joe to win but he was voted off two weeks ago. Now, I want either Jeremy, Spencer, or Keith to win.

Wearing: T-shirts & jeans. It's been in the 70's here and it does not feel like Winter at all and I'm okay with that. I'd rather it be in the 60's, though.

Eating/Drinking: Iced coffee

Feeling: Accomplished. I have all of my Christmas shopping & Christmas cards done.

Wanting: For this headache to go away.

Loving: my family, Christmas, the holiday season, that I'm going to see my family in NY soon, Christmas music & movies

Grateful For: My family and for being able to go back to NY and visit soon

Excited About: My trip to NY, Christmas & the holiday season, my birthday at the end of the month

Buying: I just finished buying the last of the Christmas presents I needed to buy.

Credit: for joy of mom

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pop Sugar Must Have Box: December 2015

This is my second year subscribing to Pop Sugar Must Have Box and I'm such a huge fan of this subscription box and I really enjoy receiving it every month.

Here is what I received in my December PSMH Box:

^December 2015 Information Card^

^What Inspired The December Box^

Stowaway Cosmetics Creme Lipstick Trio
Retails for: $30
From the information card: "Stowaway Cosmetics #rightsize lipstick trio was designed for the girl on the go. Lisa Sugar handpicked these dreamy hues, perfect for holiday parties and small enough to fit in the smallest of clutches." I love the idea that the lipsticks are designed small to fit into any size purse. However, I don't wear lipstick. I normally use lip balm or the Stila lip glazes. I gave this to my mom since she liked the colors.

Nima Oberoi Lunares Geo Stopper
Retails for: $24
From the information card: "Wine drinkers will love this exclusive geo stopper. San Francisco designer Nima Oberoi handcrafted this bottle stopper to not tarnish or break, so you can reuse it time and time again." I don't drink wine but my mom does so I passed this on to her. This stopper is really pretty.

Swing Design Nova Blue Mist Jewelry Box
Retails for: $36
I love the color and design of this jewelry box. I already have a box for my bracelets and rings so I'm actually going to use this to store some of my craft stuff.

My Cup of Cake Classic Belgian Chocolate
Retails for: $5.99
I've heard about mug cakes before but I've never had one so I was really happy to see this in my box. I'm very excited to try it.

Luv Aj The Rose Gold Ombre Bracelet
Retails for: $65
I absolutely love this bracelet. I'm a big fan of bracelets and rings (not necklaces, as I don't like having things around my neck). This bracelet is so beautiful. It has a mix of silver, rose gold, and get plating and a really pretty nautical clasp.

Meri Meri Silver Stars on White Glitter Tape
Retails for: $4
This tape is so pretty. I'm definitely going to use it as washi tape in my planner. It has backing on the tape so I would just need to peel that off before I stick it to my planner.

Special Extra: 
Tiny Prints Gift Tag Stickers & $20 Promo Card
From the information card: "These delightful heart gift tag stickers, designed by Lisa Sugar, are such a sweet way to seal your gifts." These are really great gift tags and I love that they are the special extra this month with the Christmas holiday approaching.

Overall, I really loved this month's box. I love all of the products (except for the lipsticks as the shades were too dark for me) and I know I will get a lot of use out of everything. Pop Sugar hit out of the park this month!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas & Birthday Wish List

As both Christmas & my birthday are in December, I always like to make a little combo wish list. 

Here is my wish list for this year:

Chicago PD Season One:
From Amazon
(I brought season 2 already but couldn't find the first season in the store I was at.)

NY Mets Pajama Set from Macy's:

NY Mets Sweatshirt from

Philosophy Body Wash Gift Set in Christmas Cookbook:

Philosophy Christmas Cookie Body Wash:

Philosophy Sugary Cinnamon Icing Body Lotion:

Gift Cards to any of the following: 
Erin, Amazon, Etsy, Target, Barnes & Noble, iTunes

Holiday Questionnaire

I found this holiday questionnaire from this blog: and decided to do it on my blog as well.

Credit: This Blog

A Holiday Tradition: Growing up, we had a lot of traditions. We always read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve at the end of the night. We would go around in the car and look at all of the Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music on the radio. We also exchanged the gifts we brought for each other on Christmas Eve. Every year, my mom, aunt, cousins, and I would spend a day making Christmas cookies and then after we were all done baking, we got pizza for dinner. We also would go into the City and see the Christmas Tree and decorations in Rockefeller Center and some years we would also see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. 

What you'd love to see Santa bring you most this year: Gift cards to my favorite stores

What's your go to stocking stuffer item: Candy

Who is the hardest to shop for during the holidays? My dad

Credit: This Blog

Favorite Winter accessory: Scarves/gloves

Christmas Tree lights: colors or all white? Definitely, colors!

Credit: This Blog

Favorite holiday cocktail? It's not a cocktail but my sister in law made a really yummy cranberry punch with cranberries in it for Christmas Eve last year that was delicious. I definitely indulged in that.

Favorite holiday food? I love Christmas cookies!

Credit: Personal Photo

Do you have a good white elephant gift idea? No, not really.

Do you have a funny picture of you and Santa as a kid? (Post it if you do) No, I don't. All of the pictures I have, I'm smiling in.

Credit: Personal Photo

Do you like candy canes? Depends on the flavor.

Hot chocolate... marshmallows or no marshmallows? Lots of marshmallows!

Credit: Personal Photo

Favorite Holiday song? I have a ton including All I Want For Christmas Is You, My Only Wish (This Year) by Britney Spears, Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You and many, many more!

Favorite Holiday movie? Again, I have a ton of favorite movies including National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, The Holiday, Home Alone, Home Alone: Lost In New York City, The Family Stone, and all of the movies on Hallmark & Lifetime.

A funny Holiday story: One year, I got the same gift from four different people, including both my brother & sister. It was really funny.

Have you ever been on a sleigh ride? No, I haven't.

A fun holiday memory: Having a huge family Christmas party every year with all of my family, my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Credit: This Blog

Saturday, December 5, 2015

November Happy/Loved List

Credit: Gold&

+ Weekend in NY (10/30-11/2)
^Landing in NY^

+ Step-dad B’s birthday

+ Quality time with my family in NY

+ Watched my nephews J & N’s football games

+ Watched the last game of the World Series (game 5) with my nephews J & N, brother R, & my dad

+ Threw the football around with my nephew N

+ The New York Mets made it to the World Series

+ Shopping with my mom

+ Quality time with my mom

+ Movies & lunch with my mom & grandma

+ Visiting my aunt, uncle, & cousins

+ Spending time with my mom & aunts

+ 7 year anniversary of meeting David Wright & Paul Lo Duca

+ Celebrating Thanksgiving

+ Thanksgiving break

+ Received my Erin Condren orders

+ Received my November PopSugar box

+ Read some great books

^Autumn in New York is the best!^

Friday, December 4, 2015

Five on Friday

1. Rest Peacefully, Carter

A week ago today, my brother and his family had to put their dog Carter to sleep. He was 13 ½ years old and my brother and his wife got him when he was just a little puppy. I call my siblings dogs my fur nieces and nephews. Carter has been in my life for a long time and I loved him like he was my own dog. I have so many wonderful memories of him and with him. Rest peacefully, sweet boy.

^The above photos of Carter are so funny. I was trying to get a good picture of him & I but he kept giving me kisses.^
^These photos are so very precious & priceless to me.^

2. Weekend Recap

On Saturday, my mom and I went to the movies and out to eat with my Grandma. We saw Love The Coopers and it was a really good movie. My mom and I also went to a bunch of different stores. On Sunday, my mom and I spent the morning cleaning and getting stuff done. I watched the football games (Jets & Giants) in the afternoon since it was a rare treat that both games were televised where I live. At night, my Aunt Pat & Aunt Lorrie came over for dinner and desert. It was really nice getting to spend time with them. On Monday, my mom and I took the day off from our jobs and spent the day with my aunts. It was a really wonderful holiday weekend.

3. Planner Pages from Last Week

^2015-2016 Erin Condren Life Planner^
^2015 Erin Condren Life Planner^

4. Christmas/Birthday Wish List

Chicago PD Season 1 on DVD, 2 Alex & Ani bracelets, Gift cards to any of the following: Amazon, Target, Erin Condren, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and some other stuff: full post coming soon

5. Magic Mike Dance from DWTS Finale