Monday, September 29, 2014

September Happy/Loved List

September Happy/Loved List

+ Sister K's birthday
+ Brother in law M's birthday
+ Cousin L's birthday
+ 6 year anniversary of the day we got Davey Eli

Credit: Personal Photo

+ Last month of baseball games for the Mets & Yankees
+ Derek Jeter day on 9/7 when the Yankees honored him before the game

Credit: Google

+ Target trips
+ The start of football season
+ Fall has arrived

Credit: & Pinterest

+ New seasons of the TV shows I watch
+ The premiere of new TV shows: The Mysteries of Laura, Manhattan Love Story, Marry Me, Bad Judge (premieres in October) & Manzo'd with Children (premieres in October)
+ I blogged a lot and I also did the September Blogging Challenge
+ Read some great books
+ Received my September Pop Sugar Must Have Box
+ Received my October Willabee & Ward Charm bracelet

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