Sunday, September 7, 2014

September Blogging Challenge ; Day 7

Day 7: Seven things you'd like to work on/improve about yourself

1. Don't interrupt anyone talking (I've gotten better at this but I'm still working on it. I don't do it to be rude, not at all. If a thought/etc. pops into my mind about what we're talking about, I feel if I don't say it then, then I won't remember it but I'm trying really hard to stop this habit.

2. Stop biting my nails

3. If someone is having a conversation and not including you, it does not mean they are talking about you (This one is so hard because of events I experience growing up but I try to tell myself that it's a completely different situation.)

4. Try not to obsess/worry/over think things

5. Try to live as healthy a life as possible

6. Don't put myself down/have more confidence in myself

7. Try not to be so anxious

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