Monday, September 1, 2014

August Happy/Loved List

August Happy/Loved List

+ Seeing my nephew M & niece O in a play they were in
+ NY Trip (July 10th-August 13th)
+ Spending quality time with my family in NY
+ Playing bocce with my nephew M, niece O, & BIL M
+ Playing tennis with my nephew M
+ Lots of swimming

^The water soothes my soul^

+ Water park with my nephews J & N, brother R, & SIL A
+ BIL A's birthday
+ Seeing my cousin A, cousin-in-law M, & my second cousin E
+ Shopping with my sister C, BIL A, & niece A
+ Fire Island with my sister C, BIL A, & niece A

^Beachin' on Fire Island^

+ Playing games with my niece O, nephew M, & sister K
+ Mets game on 8/4 with my Dad. I had a great time despite the Mets losing.

^Mets game 8/4 ; David Wright & Daniel Murphy^

^Mets game 8/4 ; Daniel Murphy's home run^

+ Jets pre-season game vs. Colts with my dad. I got to see Eric Decker play in person. Jets win 13-10.

^Jets Pre-season game with dad^

^Jets Pre-season game: Eric Decker #87^

+ Winning a blog giveaway
+ Read some great books
+ Receiving seasons 1-4 of Rookie Blue which my dad purchased for me
+ Starting back to work for the new school year
+ Receiving my August Pop Sugar Must Have Box
+ Receiving my September Willabee & Ward charm bracelet

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