Saturday, February 13, 2016

Confessional Thursday (On A Saturday)

I love reading blogs and one of the blogs I read The Newly has started a Confessional Thursday Link-Up. I was at workshops the past two days which is why I'm posting this today.

I Confess...

...the sinus pressure in my head finally went away on Monday. sinus pressure in my head came back with a vengeance today. My head is all stuffy and I feel miserable. The only good news is that at least it's the weekend and I can just rest and take it easy. I just want this pressure to go away.

...that I would really love to see a re-boot of my favorite TV shows (with the original casts): Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Beverly Hills 90210, 7th Heaven, Third Watch, Friday Night Lights

...I'm so bummed that the latest season of Rookie Blue was the last one as it was one of my all time favorite shows #McSwarekForever

...that I'm still watching Christmas movies & reading Christmas books. I record all of the new Christmas movies from channels like Lifetime & Hallmark and watch them with my mom. We've had a lot going on the last few months plus I was in NY for 10 days during Christmas break which is why we haven't finished watching them. As for Christmas books, I'm on my second to last one and I'm just over halfway through it.

...I can't believe my fur-baby Davey Eli (my cat) is going to be 8 years old tomorrow. In September, it will be 7 years that we've had him.

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