Friday, August 28, 2015

New York Summer Trip Highlights

Highlights from my trip to NY this Summer:

+ Spending quality time with my family <3 (always my favorite thing to do)

+ Seeing my nephew M & niece O perform in two plays (Grease & The Sound of Music) ; they were absolutely phenomenal!!

+ Attending two Mets game (one with my dad & one with my nephews J & N, brother R, & SIL A)

+ Weekend trip to Lake George, NY (I grew up going here every summer for a week and it is still my favorite place to visit!)

+ Shopping with my sister C, niece A, & nephew M

+ Lots of swimming with my nephews & nieces

+ Seeing a bunch of my cousins & second cousins and two of my aunts

+ Going to my favorite New York restaurant with my dad

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