Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently

^I found this on a blog that I read ( and since the Sunday Social link up isn't running anymore , I've decided that I'm going to try and do this every Sunday on here in place of the Sunday Social link up^

READING: I just finished reading The Heiresses by Sara Shepard which was really good. The next book I'm going to start reading is The Art of Adapting by Cassandra Dunn. Of course, I've also been reading lots of magazines and blogs.

WRITING: This entry

LISTENING: Right now, I'm listening to Joshua Radin. I just finished listening to Kacey Musgraves album. I've been listening to Alex & Sierra's debut album on repeat lately as well as Kenny Chesney's album The Big Revival. Idina Menzel's holiday album came out this Tuesday and it's so great!!

THINKING: I really want a egg, cheese, and bacon bagel. I just found a deli like they have in the North down here and I'm so excited because I've missed my bagels and breakfast sandwiches. These bagels taste very similar to NY bagels.

SMELLING: My candles & the lotion I'm wearing.

WISHING: I could go to NY really soon. I miss my family so badly!

WEARING: It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm still in my pajamas. If I don't have anywhere to be on the weekends, I stay in my pajamas/lounge clothes.

LOVING: Becoming an aunt for the 9th time. I Facetimed with my sister and saw my nephew M. for the first time "in real life" (aside from pictures). He is so beautiful and adorable. I just wanted to jump through the screen and hug and love on him. I won't see him until December and he will already be 2 months by then so I'm really bummed I'm missing out on the newborn stage.

WANTING: My Erin Condren order to arrive quickly!!

NEEDING: To figure out what I'm buying people for Christmas and to start buying gifts

FEELING: I'm good. I'm just really missing my family & NY.

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