Saturday, October 25, 2014

Random Update

Things have been going well here. I've been working during the week and I'm still trying to find a full time job with no results yet. On the weekends I've been relaxing, spending time with my mom, doing some things around my room and helping my mom out around the house.

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I recently ordered my Erin Condren 2015 Life Planner and they were running a promotion to get a free cover so I brought an extra cover as well. My order has shipped and I'm so excited to receive it.

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This weekend is going to be a relaxing one, just how I like them. Today, I'm staying home and I will be vacuuming and cleaning my bathroom and just relaxing the rest of the day. Tomorrow, before church I'm taking my mom out to breakfast and then we're going to go to a few stores after church.

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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! :)

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