Monday, June 2, 2014

May Happy/Loved List

May Happy/Loved List

+ 4 day trip to New York <3
+ quality family time with family in NY
+ visit from sister C, BIL A, & niece A & quality time with them
+ seeing my nephew J make his Communion
+ Mets game with dad on June 11th ; Mets win 5-4 in bottom of 11th
+ celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom (we celebrated early as we were in NY on Mother's Day)
+ niece M’s birthday
+ my furbaby Pumpkin turned 1 on May 5th
+ receiving my Pop Sugar Must Have Box for May (my favorite box so far)
+ purchased a new bag at Target in a really pretty bright coral color

+ read a few great books, including the new book by Emily Giffin: The One & Only (I had pre-ordered this book as she’s one of my favorite authors. I read this book in 4 days. Her books just suck me in because her stories are so fun & captivating!)
+ first boat ride of the summer
+ received my March Willabee & Ward charm bracelet (it was on back order)

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I hope you all had a wonderful May! I hope you all have an amazing June!

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