Thursday, March 24, 2016

Confession Session

I Confess...

…that missing my family in NY never gets any easier. I miss out on so much with them: birthdays, holidays, my nieces & nephews sports & activities and everything else. It’s hard only getting to see them a few times a year. I miss them all so much especially my nieces & nephews. Being an aunt is my favorite thing in the world and it’s so hard not getting to see them a lot. I hate it.

…this pollen is driving me insane. My eyes are a big, itchy, watery, red mess and it’s driving me crazy. They hurt so much and are constantly irritating and bothering me.

…that I’m scared to have my tonsils removed. I’ve only had one surgery in my lifetime (gallbladder removal). While the surgery itself went well, I had a lot of complications afterwards so I’m very afraid of having another surgery.

…I couldn’t be more excited for Spring Break to start. Today is my last day of work before having 10 days off (including weekends). I plan on cleaning out my closets, re-organizing my room, spending time with my mom, reading & relaxing.


  1. I had my tonsils out 20+ years ago - you'll do great! Go ahead and stock your freezer now with your favorite cold treats :) Enjoy your spring break (minus the pollen).

    1. Thanks for the nice words and advice, Shelby! I really appreciate it.

      Thank you! I will be staying inside as much as possible. lol.