Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Reading: I just finished All The Difference by Leah Ferguson.

Listening: Lots of Christmas music but right now I have no music on as I have a raging headache.

Watching: Lots of Christmas movies! I'm also excited for the finale of Survivor tonight. I really wanted Joe to win but he was voted off two weeks ago. Now, I want either Jeremy, Spencer, or Keith to win.

Wearing: T-shirts & jeans. It's been in the 70's here and it does not feel like Winter at all and I'm okay with that. I'd rather it be in the 60's, though.

Eating/Drinking: Iced coffee

Feeling: Accomplished. I have all of my Christmas shopping & Christmas cards done.

Wanting: For this headache to go away.

Loving: my family, Christmas, the holiday season, that I'm going to see my family in NY soon, Christmas music & movies

Grateful For: My family and for being able to go back to NY and visit soon

Excited About: My trip to NY, Christmas & the holiday season, my birthday at the end of the month

Buying: I just finished buying the last of the Christmas presents I needed to buy.

Credit: for joy of mom


  1. Yay for Christmas movies! So jealous you're done Christmas shopping! I should really get on that.

    1. I always need to get my shopping done early as most of my family lives in another state and I have to make sure it gets there in time. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck with the rest of your shopping! <3

  2. Great list! I'm so happy that I have all my Christmas shopping done too! Now I can just relax and enjoy the holiday season. Can't believe it's almost Christmas.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I love that feeling. I can't either. I feel like this whole year flew by but especially December.

  3. Yes to allll the Christmas music and movies! Hope your head is feeling better!

    1. Yes! :) I love all things Christmas related: books, movies, music, etc.

      Thanks, Katie! It is! :)