Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Questionnaire

I found this holiday questionnaire from this blog: and decided to do it on my blog as well.

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A Holiday Tradition: Growing up, we had a lot of traditions. We always read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve at the end of the night. We would go around in the car and look at all of the Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music on the radio. We also exchanged the gifts we brought for each other on Christmas Eve. Every year, my mom, aunt, cousins, and I would spend a day making Christmas cookies and then after we were all done baking, we got pizza for dinner. We also would go into the City and see the Christmas Tree and decorations in Rockefeller Center and some years we would also see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. 

What you'd love to see Santa bring you most this year: Gift cards to my favorite stores

What's your go to stocking stuffer item: Candy

Who is the hardest to shop for during the holidays? My dad

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Favorite Winter accessory: Scarves/gloves

Christmas Tree lights: colors or all white? Definitely, colors!

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Favorite holiday cocktail? It's not a cocktail but my sister in law made a really yummy cranberry punch with cranberries in it for Christmas Eve last year that was delicious. I definitely indulged in that.

Favorite holiday food? I love Christmas cookies!

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Do you have a good white elephant gift idea? No, not really.

Do you have a funny picture of you and Santa as a kid? (Post it if you do) No, I don't. All of the pictures I have, I'm smiling in.

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Do you like candy canes? Depends on the flavor.

Hot chocolate... marshmallows or no marshmallows? Lots of marshmallows!

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Favorite Holiday song? I have a ton including All I Want For Christmas Is You, My Only Wish (This Year) by Britney Spears, Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You and many, many more!

Favorite Holiday movie? Again, I have a ton of favorite movies including National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, The Holiday, Home Alone, Home Alone: Lost In New York City, The Family Stone, and all of the movies on Hallmark & Lifetime.

A funny Holiday story: One year, I got the same gift from four different people, including both my brother & sister. It was really funny.

Have you ever been on a sleigh ride? No, I haven't.

A fun holiday memory: Having a huge family Christmas party every year with all of my family, my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Credit: This Blog