Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday

1. Welcome, Spring!

Today, is the first day of Spring. Although I love the warm temps, Spring is my least favorite season due to the simple fact that I'm a big allergy sufferer. Runny/itchy/red eyes, sore throat, and stuffy nose describes me to a T during the allergy season. Here's hoping that it's not too bad this year.

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2. Glee Series Finale tonight

I can't believe that after investing so much time (and let's not forget money because of the awesome music) into this show throughout the seasons, tonight it all comes to an end with the two hour series finale. Lea Michele has become one of my favorite actresses and singers and before the passing of Cory Monteith, Lea & Corey were one of my favorite celebrity couples and Cory was one of my favorite actors/singers as well. While nothing can compare to the really awesome seasons of Glee (1-3), I have enjoyed all of the seasons of this show. I've brought so many songs/albums from iTunes and two out of the three Christmas albums. Thanks for 6 great years, Glee!!


3. March Madness

March Madness started this week. I fill out a bracket every year but I honestly haven't watched much college basketball this year. My bracket is doing that great because I had Iowa state going to the Elite 8 but other than that and having Baylor for two more games (and them losing yesterday), I'm not that bad off.


4. St. Patrick's Day

I'm 50% Irish & 50% Italian and I've always loved St. Patrick's Day. I love the traditional Irish meal and I've eaten it every year as my mom is Irish and makes it every year. My dad, siblings and I always used to play fight over the last piece of Irish soda bread.


That's all I've got for today.

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