Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Sunday Social (Catching Up Part 2)

Part 2 of Sunday Social catch up

Sunday Social for July 27th:

1. 3 favorite songs right now?

Flora-Bama -Kenny Chesney
Girls Chase Boys -Ingrid Michaelson
All About You -Hilary Duff

2. 3 favorite movies that remind you of summer?

The Sandlot, Dazed & Confused, Now & Then

^The Sandlot ; Credit: SurvivingCollege.com^

3. 3 favorite articles of clothing you own?

My Yankees & Mets t-shirts, striped dress from Target, & my comfy loungewear/PJs

4. 3 items on your wish list?

Feline Meow shirt, new cell phone case, NY Giants & Jets Alex & Ani bracelets

^Feline Meow shirt ; Credit: Ebay^

5. 3 books you would recommend to someone

House Rules -Jodi Picoult
The Pact -Jodi Picoult
Gone Girl -Gillian Flynn

Sunday Social for August 3rd:

1.  Gum or mints?


2. Tea or coffee?

Iced coffee (even in Winter)

3. Fruits or veggies?

I enjoy both but I enjoy fruits more.

4. TV or movies?

I love both but if I had to choose it would be TV.

5. Candles or diffusers?

I like both but I would have to choose candles.

Sunday Social for August 10th:

1. One show you would love to see on Netflix that isn't there?

I don't know because I don't have Netflix.

2. One song you wish they would play more on the radio?

Captain Jack by Billy Joel

3. Your favorite song to sing loudly in the car?

Any song by Kenny Chesney

4. What movie/TV show do you quote the most?

One Tree Hill or Dawson's Creek

5. One silly thing you do daily?

It's not really silly but I look at pictures of my family that don't live near me and that I miss everyday

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