Friday, August 15, 2014

July Happy/Loved List

July Happy/Loved List

+ Nephew N's 6th birthday & his birthday party
+ Trip to NY (July 10th-August 13th)
+Quality time with my family in NY
+Seeing my nephews J & N play baseball and seeing my nephew N play deck hockey
+Boating/swimming for the day on my Uncle Hank's amazing boat

^Boating on my Uncle Hank's boat^

+Auntie's Day (July 27th)
+New obsession: Chicago Fire (I binged watched seasons 1 & 2)
+Read some really great books
+Seeing a play at a park with my nephew M & niece O
+Watching on TV as Derek Jeter played in his last All Star Game
+Derek Jeter's RE2PECT commerical
+Swimming a lot

^My brother's pool^

+Spending time with my sister's friend L & her sons L, E, & R
+Going to my favorite restaurant while I was in NY
+Watching Endless Love (I loved this movie!)
+Receiving my Pop Sugar Must Have Box for July
+Receiving my August Willabee & Ward Charm Bracelet

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