Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Life In Numbers

I've seen these types of posts on blogs lately and decided to do one of my own.

My Life In Numbers

8: The number of nieces and nephews I have

1: The number of times I've been out of the country

2: The number of times I've met my favorite athlete/celebrity crush, David Wright

13: The age I was when I broke my wrist (knock on wood: the first bone I've broken and hopefully the last :knock on wood)

30+: The number of first cousins I have

22: The age I started my first "real" job

3,089: The number of tweets & re-tweets I have on my Twitter account

3: The number of times I've seen Kenny Chesney (my favorite singer) in concert

55: The number of blog posts I've written

17: The age I became an aunt for the first time

19: The age I was when I had my first surgery (knock on wood: hopefully my only one :knock on wood)

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