Wednesday, April 30, 2014

20 Questions Survey

20 Questions Survey

1. What brings you the greatest joy?
Spending time with my family & watching/attending sporting events

2. What are your vices?
Sweets: Ice cream, cake, candy

3. What is on your nightstand?
Books, magazines, candles, pictures of my family

4. Do you have a secret talent?

5. What is your greatest indulgence?
Going out to eat.

6. What should every woman try at least once in her life?
I think every woman should try keeping a journal at least once in your life. For me, I love looking back on things I did, memories I made, and how I overcame certain struggles or challenges in my life.

7. What makes you laugh?
My nieces & nephews always say the funniest/sweetest/cutest things.

8. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I was once in a mosh pit. I was in 10th grade at a concert (The Used). It was crazy and I would never do it again.

9. What is on your bucket list?
To see a baseball game played in every Major League Baseball stadium.

10. What is on your feet right now?

11. How did you make your first dollar?
Babysitting my cousins.

12. What superstition do you believe in?
I'm not really that superstition.

13. What items in your closest do you wear the most?
Shirts from Old Navy and jeans.

14. What is the best gift you've ever received?
Tickets to meet my favorite athlete.

15. What is on your liquor shelf?
I don't have one.

16. What is on your kitchen counter?
Toaster & Keruig machine

17. What would you never leave home without?
Phone & wallet

18. What movie has the greatest ending?
Wow, that's a tough question. I would have to say Life As I Know It.

19. Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?
My favorite athletes: David Wright, JJ Redick, Eric Decker, Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter

20. What is one thing you wish you had known when you were younger?
Don't wish your childhood away. You will be an adult before you know it and then you'll sometimes miss your carefree childhood.


  1. I love that you posted a picture of Wrigley Field! The only baseball stadium I've ever been to! It would be so cool if we could go together one day! :)

    1. I'm sorry that I didn't see this comment until now.

      That is one goal of mine I really want to come true. That would be so awesome if we could go together! =)