Wednesday, August 9, 2017

TBB Asks: Summer

1. Pool, lake or ocean?

If I could trade the Caribbean ocean for the Atlantic ocean, I would in a heartbeat and I would be there all the time. Since I sadly can't make this happen, I love both pools and lake. I grew up going to Lake George, NY for a week every Summer for our Summer vacations and that place has my heart. To this day, it is still one of my all time favorite places in the world.

2. Camping, cottage, or hotel?

I've only been camping a few times in my life so I would say cottage or hotel.

3. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Funfetti (it tastes just like the Funfetti cake mix).

4. PJ's, Nightgown, T-shirt/Shorts or Birthday Suit?

Combination of PJ's and t-shirt/shorts.

5. Fave Summer Beverage?

Sweet Tea/Iced Tea

6. Would you rather be hot or cold?


7. Sandals with heels or flats?


8. Shorts or skirts?


9. Sit in the sun or the shade?


10. Water, tea, or soda?

Water or tea. I rarely drink soda. If I do it's usually root beer, cream soda, or ginger ale.

11. Fave Summer Fruit or Vegetable?

Fruit: Mangoes ; Vegetable: Zucchini

12. Sunrise or sunset?


13. Bike ride or walk?


14. Winery or brewery?

Neither. I don't like wine or beer.

15. Garden or no garden?

We don't have a garden anymore but growing up we always had one in our backyard.

16. Big Summer concert or music in the park?


17. Fave cookout food?

Cheeseburger or Sausage, Pasta Salad & French fries.

18. Dine indoors or patio?


19. Fave Summer Destination?

Lake George, NY

20. Big theme park or local carnival?

Big theme park.

21. Drinks blended or on the rocks?

Depends on my mood.

22. Popsicle or freezie flavor of choice?


23. Hot Dog or Hamburger?


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