Thursday, October 13, 2016


Reading... I have been slacking big time in the reading department. I'm hoping to get back on track but there is definitely no way that I will be completing my goal of reading 75 books this year. I'm hoping to at least make it to 50.

Listening To... Ryan Star, Jana Kramer, Kenny Chesney, Sam Hunt

Watching... All of the new Fall TV shows that have started, including the new TV show, Pitch! I've been longing for a good television show about baseball for a long time and I'm so glad there is one on TV now. Pitch is focused on Ginny Baker, the first woman to play in the Major Leagues. It is a great story and the acting is great. One of my first celebrity crushes from when I was little, Mark Paul Gosselaar (he played Zack Morris on Saved by The Bell) is in the show and it's great to see him back on TV.

Eating... All things Pumpkin!

Drinking... Aside from my daily iced coffee that I make at home, I've been drinking lots of water, orange juice, and sparkling water.

Wanting... To see my family in New York. It's hard to go months without seeing them and spending quality time with them.

Wishing... My nephew MW a wonderful and happy 2nd birthday.

Loving... Spending quality time with my mom.

Needing... Getting back on track with blog posting, reading, and catching up on some other things.

Buying... Birthday gifts for family members.

Feeling... Accomplished. Due to Hurricane Matthew, the schools were closed Wednesday-Friday last week and all of this week and I've gotten a lot of things to done to help my mom out around the house and stuff I needed to do as well.

Excited For... Celebrating my Mom's birthday next week and two planner meet-ups I have coming up.

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