Saturday, May 28, 2016


I'm posting this today instead of Thursday as I didn't have a chance to post then.

Feeling... Lazy

Reading... Meternity by Meghann Foye

Watching... I just watched a really good movie that I DVR'd from the Hallmark Channel called Date With Love.

Listening To... Kenny Chesney, Andy Grammer, Sam Hunt, & Cole Swindell

Thinking About... I can't wait to spend a week in NY this summer and to spend some much needed quality time with my family especially my amazing & wonderful nieces & nephews

Needing... To go food shopping

Wanting... For the Mets sneakers I want to buy to become available in my size. They sold out of my size a day before I was going to buy them.

Excited... For a three day weekend. I worked five 12 hour shifts this week and I'm so glad to have a three day weekend to relax and take it easy.

Hoping... The tropical storm that we're supposed to be getting this weekend isn't bad.

Loving... Watching the New York Mets. I love baseball so much and I love watching the games on TV and attending as many games in person as I can.


  1. Missing you!!!!!i love three day weekends after a long busy week oxoxo

    1. Ahh!! A comment from my bestie! <3 Miss you more sister!!!

      Me too! :) They are the best! :)

  2. I hope you had a great weekend!! Nothing like a 3-day one. Also, hope the weather wasn't too bad up there!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and the comment.

      I did have a great weekend. Aside from getting some things done around the house, I just relaxed and enjoyed myself.

      It wasn't too bad at all. Just a lot of wind and rain. I'm very thankful that's all it was.