Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pop Sugar Must Have Box: November 2015

This is my second year subscribing to Pop Sugar Must Have Box and I'm such a huge fan of this subscription box and I really enjoy receiving it every month.

Here is what I received in my November PSMH Box:

^November Information Card & What Inspired This Month's Box^

Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box in Rain
Retails for: $18.95
This candle is really pretty. I gave it to my mom to put in the library downstairs. My subscriptions overlapped again and I ended up getting two boxes. I put the other candle on the My Subscription Addiction swap site. From the information card: "Doubling as a candle and a jewelry holder, this mercury jewel box smells and looks divine. Once the candle burns out, reuse the hand blown recycled glass box to hold all your keepsakes."

Gramr Gratitude Co. Exclusive Thanksgiving Postcard Pack
Retails for: $10
I love decorative photos/magazine clippings/postcards etc. and these are so beautiful. I'm keeping both packs but I'm not quite sure how I'm going to use them yet. Also included, is a coupon code for $15 off a Gramr subscription.

West Emory Bingo Set
Retails for: $20
I think this is a great idea to include in the box. I love playing games and this game would be really fun to play during a family gather, such as Thanksgiving. I'm keeping one set for our house and putting one up on the subscription site.

Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband
Retails for: $56
I don't wear headbands and even if I did, I definitely wouldn't spend $56 on one. However, this headband is so beautiful that I'm going to keep one to wear/use and give one to my niece, O, who loves headbands and uses them often.

Tarte Cosmetics Beauty & The Box Eye Shadow
Retails for: $22
I don't wear a lot of makeup (mainly just lip gloss/lip balms and mascara) so I'm giving both of these sets to my mom. The colors are really pretty!

Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard
Retails for: $6
I was really disappointed with this product. I would much rather PSMH send a snack/treat in each months box that is ready to eat. Also, I'm not a huge condiment fan. However, my mom and step dad both love mustard so I'm going to give both of these bottles to them.

Special Extra:

Inkdot Gift Card
Retails for: $20
From the information card: "Make your memories last forever with Inkdot, a service that turns your digital photos into prints, coasters, iPhone cases, and more. With the holidays in full swing, enjoy this $20 gift card to find the perfect personalized gift." I haven't given the website a look yet but I plan on seeing if I can make an iPhone case with photos of my nieces & nephews.

Overall, this month's box isn't my favorite but they were products I liked and the ones I didn't, I either gave to my mom or I'm putting on the swap site so nothing will end up not being used.


  1. This wasn't my favorite box either. I did like the candle though. I have way too much makeup, so I stored it in my beauty drawer. Your tarte makeup is different from mine! Youres looks too cool!

    1. Yeah, I saw on the information card they said that colors may vary on the makeup.