Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Happy/Loved List

August Happy/Loved List:

+ Trip to NY to visit my family & quality time with them

+ Sleep overs with my nephews & nieces

+ Mets game with my nephew J & N, brother R, & SIL A

+ Weekend trip to Lake George

+ Saw my Aunt K & Aunt R & cousins L & M

+ Visit from my cousins K & D and their kids

+ Lots of swimming in NY

+ Target and Bath & Body work shopping trip with Mom (got 2 new shirts at Target, 3 soaps, 5 anti-bacs, anti-bac holder, and perfume at Bath & Body Works)

+ Won tickets to the Mets game on September 2nd (sadly, I can’t go because I’m back in SC but my dad is going)

+ Received my August Pop Sugar Must Have Box

+ Received my 2 boxes with samples from Pinch Me

+ Read some great books