Friday, January 2, 2015

Five on Friday

One: Happy New Year!!

I hope 2015 is a blessed, happy, healthy, and wonderful year for my family, my friends, myself and all of you who read this blog!!

Credit: sweatshirtdressshirt.blogspot

Two: Christmas in New York

I had a wonderful 10 days in New York visiting my family and making many wonderful and special memories with them. I spent a ton of quality time with my nieces & nephews, siblings, sister & brother in laws, and my dad. One of my main highlights (besides spending quality time with my family), was meeting my baby nephew M for the first time and bonding with him. He is such a love bug. I enjoyed holding him and rocking him while singing to him. He even feel asleep while I was holding him. I gave him his bottle and burped him a few times during my trip. It was so hard to leave him because I know the next time I see him he won't be in the little baby stages anymore. It breaks my heart that I have to miss out on so much of my nieces & nephews lives since I only get to see them a few times a year. Another highlight was receiving a beautiful hand-made scarf knitted for me by niece & God-daughter O. She surprised me with it and it seriously amazes me how talented she is at just 9 years old. She's definitely got her mom & Grammy's genes when it comes to knitting. Another highlight was seeing the joy & happiness on my nieces and nephews faces when they opened their gifts from me. I love being Auntie Claus every holiday season!

^Tree in Rockefeller Center ; Personal Photo^

Three: My 28th birthday

While I was in NY, I celebrated my birthday with my family up there. My dad treated me, his girlfriend, my brother, SIL, and nephews J & N to dinner at my favorite restaurant in the city. My SIL  A, made a delicious dinner and my brother R brought me a super yummy Reese's Peanut Butter ice cream cake from Friendly's and my nephews, dad, brother, & SIL all sang to me. My sister C, BIL A, niece A & nephew M took me out to dinner at Outback and they had them sing Happy Birthday to me. Being able to spend time with my family in NY for the holidays and celebrating my birthday with them was so very special to me. My family means everything to me and I love them all so very much! On my birthday (Dec. 31st), my mom and I spent the day together. My mom treated me to lunch at PF Changs (a birthday tradition we have) and spent the rest of the day shopping.


Four: Shopping Hauls

On my birthday, my mom and I did some shopping. I received a few gift cards for Christmas and my birthday and they definitely came in handy on my shopping trips. At Bath & Body Works, I got 3 foaming soaps, three hand lotions, and 5 anti-bacs for under $24 thanks to their semi-annual sale. At Barnes & Noble, I used my two gift cards I had there to buy two DVD's one for my mom and one for me, and two books for myself. We also went to Target and I got a bunch of great stuff, including a set of pajama pants on sale for $6.

^Target shopping haul ; Personal Photo^

Five: 2015 Manifesto

Credit: Pinterest


  1. I'm not normally a huge NYC fan, but I'd still love to visit it during the holidays sometime. I've always been in the summer when it's hot and sticky and think winter is the way to go. Plus I'd love to see Rockefeller Center all lit up and maybe see the Rockettes some day!

    1. I grew up outside the city. I would never want to live in the city but I like visiting every once in a while, especially at Christmas time.

      Thank you so much for the comment.