Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Morning Gossip


I spent time helping my mom decorate the tree. I also read a lot. At night, I got a Stromboli for dinner from a local pizza place. I watched two Christmas movies: Comfort & Joy (which I watch every year) and a new movie called The Tree That Saved Christmas. I really enjoyed the movie because Lacey Chebert & Corey Sevier were in it and I really like them.

^Pumpkin supervising us decorating the tree^


I wrote out the majority of my Christmas cards (I just need to buy a few more cards). I also watched two more Christmas movies (Christmas In Palm Springs & Paper Angels). I read for a while and my furbabies, Davey Eli and Pumpkin spent a lot of time with me. I also watched the latest episode of Nashville and the past two episodes of About A Boy with my mom.

^The tree in my room. All the ornaments are on the top of the tree because Pumpkin thinks they are toys.^


  1. Hooray for Christmas trees and Christmas movies!!! Stopping by the linkup!