Thursday, August 4, 2016


Feeling... Grateful. I had surgery last week to fix a severely deviated septum and I'm so grateful and relieved that it went well and that the recovery went pretty well too. I had a few days of pain and discomfort and a little sickness from the antibiotics but I'm feeling much better. Aside from the antibiotics making me tired and the fact that I can't blow my nose yet (hoping that the doctor says I can do this soon when I go to my follow up appointment tomorrow), I'm feeling really great.

Reading... I just finished reading "Falling" by Jane Green. I really enjoyed this book except I wasn't that crazy about the ending. I rated it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Watching... The current seasons of Scream, The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars, UnReal as well as NY Mets games. My mom and I are still watching Army Wives on Netflix. We're almost done with season 4 which is when we started watching the show when it was originally airing.

Needing... To clean & re-organize my room

Wanting... For time to slow down. I can't believe it's already August! It feels like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas & the holiday season.

Excited... For the Olympics to start tomorrow! I just made a schedule so that I remember to record it when the gymnastics, swimming, and diving events are on.

Loving... That I recently spent a week in NY spending quality time with my family. I got to see my nephews J & N play baseball, see my niece O in a play she was in, see my nephew M in a play he was in and spend lots of quality time with my nieces, nephews, & siblings. My mom and I went to NY together on this trip to visit so it was really fun and great to have her with us!

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