Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Morning Gossip

Monday Morning Gossip for 11/3/14

I spent the day relaxing at home. It was really cold and rainy here so it was the perfect day to do so. I also cleaned my bathroom. I watched my first Christmas movie of the season as well.

My mom and I went to church in the morning. Then we went to a few stores (Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body Works, Francesa's). I got a few things at Barnes & Noble and a new anti-bac holder at Bath & Body Works since I misplaced mine. I treated my mom to lunch at PF Changs, one of our favorite restaurants. After lunch, we went to Costco and Kroger. I got an iced PSL at Starbucks at the grocery store as well. I came home and I spent some time on the computer while watching the Broncos/Patriots game. I didn't like the outcome of that game at all. After dinner, I spent the rest of the night reading.

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