Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things that annoy/bother me & things that I dislike

Things I Don't Like & Things that Annoy/Bother/Upset Me

*I wrote a few posts about things I like/love so I figured I would write a post like this*

-that I don't live in NY anymore

-being left out/ignored

-people making fun of other people/being mean to others

-paying bills
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-when blogs I love don't get updated anymore

-having curly/frizzy hair

-when I finish a book I love because I want to keep reading
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-being in a middle or aisle seat on the airplane (I don't like being stuck in the middle and if I'm sitting in an aisle seat and fall asleep, I always get hit by people going up/down the aisles)

-getting delayed at the airport
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-Boston sports teams

-waking up early

-rap & heavy metal music

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-being sick

-nightmares/bad dreams

-hot, humid weather

-people texting/not paying attention while driving
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-loud noises

-TV show/book/movie spoilers

-when people don't text/call you back

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