Monday, November 18, 2013

My creative sister...

My fabulous sister has a blog and an Etsy site. She is an amazing sister/wife/mother and friend. She is so creative! She knits, sews, scrapbooks, bakes & cooks. Since I was younger and she got me into scrapbooking, I've always called her "the Martha Stewart" of scrapbooking.

Below is the link to her blog and Etsy site:

I love my big sister so much. She has more creativity in one finger than I have in my whole body. I'm so thankful to have her in my life. Some of my fondest memories of the two of us from when I was younger, are spending the weekends scrapbooking and stamping and making crafts at her apartment and going shopping in town together, especially to the stamping store.


  1. You are too sweet, little sis! Thanks for the shout out. I am writing a new blog as we speak! then, back to knitting. I need a few more hands. We'll get our craft on when you come visit!! xoxo